Role: Founder/ Designer
Context: Retail search engine
Duration: January- March 2020

Where it all began.

Perfect fit was created due to my previous work experience in retail. I worked as a shipping specialist 80% of the time and the other 20% I was a sales associate. During my time working in retail and dealing with customers orders I realized that the majority of the time the same item was purchased more than once with just the size being different. When working as a sales associate and talking with customers I noticed that a lot of customers that were returning items were items that were bought online and usually were brought in to exchange for a different size. So Perfect Fit was created. 






Perfect fit is an online search engine that curates your suitable size through your favorite stores. Perfect Fit helps you select your favorite stores that you enjoy to shop at so that you can browse through clothes that you like and fits your style. Within the app an easy five step guide has been created to find your suitable size through different retailers. The app uses different data points to help suggest and give you the most accurate information before making your purchase. Perfect Fit is here to help you feel confident in your online purchase avoiding any return hassles.

How might we assist online shoppers to insert their measurements online in order to find their perfect sized clothing items from their favorite brands?

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Size guide

Asking the right questions.

Research goals

In the beginning it was important for me to do a great amount of research and to talk to friends and fellow classmates to understand the inconveniences and needs of online retail shopping. In order to make a successful product I would need to interview more than just one person of my age group. People of all ages enjoy retail shopping and being able to pin-point the struggles of multiple persona types would allow me to design a better online retail shopping experience for my users. So I divided my research into two categories, online vs store.

Retail shopping online

Online shopping is great and can be at the convenience of your own home. You are also eligible to view more clothing items than what is provided in the store. While identifying my research goals I realized how many people avoid buying online because they are afraid of purchasing the incorrect size and then have to put in the effort of returning the purchased item.

Retail in store shopping 

While some people enjoy shopping in-store, a lot of problems reveal themselves. My research suggested that people often found the sales associates annoying and the amount of people in stores were at times overwhelming. However they had the convenience of finding their perfect size by trying on clothing items.


When conducting my interviews I wanted to a variety of questions to understand the interwee's needs. I curated some specific question and some open ended questions. My specific question were aimed at finding out my interwee's likes and dislikes of online shopping and size guides. The opened questions were aimed at experiences my interviewee's have had to let them tell their stories, so that I can form an understanding of what they want to be able to use in the future.

Can you tell me your pain points for online shopping?

When you buy online have you ever had problems with the sizing of the items and finding out what the sizes are?

Have you ever noticed that different store’s clothing sizes differ from one another? Can you tell me your story?

How many different clothing stores do you enjoy shopping at? Can you tell me why you like these stores?

 Out of all the stores that you enjoy shopping at which do you shop online for and which do you shop in store for? Can you tell me why?

When you are looking to buy clothes what do you do to try and find what you are looking for?

Key findings and results.

Enjoys to view user ratings

People enjoy to read customer reviews to know more about the quality of the product that they are interested in.





Customers like to try on clothes

People enjoy to try on clothes to see the fit of an item before purchasing it. This is one of the biggest reasons why people prefer to purchase clothe in store rather than online.

Shops online to view collections

People enjoy to shop online because the can view a full collection drop. They are also able to buy the items they like.





Has trouble using online size guides

When people are unsure of how a size guide works at an unfamiliar store they tend to not purchase an item, and would rather purchase an item from a store they know.

Synthesizing users research.

Sarah Williams




Age: 28

Location: Vancouver Canada

Occupation: Social Media Manager

Gender: Female

Education: Bachelors in Visual Communication


“I only want to use one app to search through all of my stores at once. I don’t want to open hundreds of tabs searching through everything”

Pain Points

I have a very busy schedule and I don't always have time to go browse around in stores. I like to do most of my retail shopping online however I am limited to buying at one store. The reason for that is I know how their clothes fit on me so it is easy to shop. Shopping at other stores online is an issue because I never really never how to use their size guide or trust if the process will help me out.


I want to be able to shop online at more than one store. I want to be confidant in my purchase and know that when I am buying an item that it would fit me well.  




Age: 29

Location: Vancouver Canada

Occupation: Game Designer

Gender: Male

Education: Diploma in game design


Don Wade

“I think fashion is a good way people can express themselves, and who they want to be and who they aspire to be.”

Pain Points

I don't always enjoy shopping online because I sometimes I feel that the filter systems don't work very well. I also dislike returning online items, this is one of the biggest reasons I don't always purchase an item online especially if the size guide is difficult to read.


I want an app that is easy to use. I want to be able to understand the size guide with ease. It is important to me that it has a light and fresh interface with a filtering system that works well.

Synthesizing users research.



User flow/Grey wire frames

How to use the size guide when buying an item online.


Group 178.png

Customer will have a choice of browsing clothing item or adding in information. 


Group 177.png

Customer will also be able to select an option of their shape.


Group 141.png

Customer will have the option to select their favorite retailers.


Group 178.png

Customer will the add in their age, pants size, bust and cup size.


Group 174.png

Customer will then select their body type.


Group 179.png

After saving the information they can go browsing and with every selected item a suggested size will be generated for them.


Group 175.png

Customer will add in their height and weight. They also select how the clothing should fit from a scale of tight to loose.


Group 180.png

After selecting an  item the customer can view why the size was recommended.


Group 176.png

Customer will have the option to select their figure


Group 181.png

Information will the be provided to the customer on why the size was recommended.


High fidelity process.

Deciding on how to brand Perfect Fit was a challenge for me since this is a clothing brand and has many competitors I wanted Perfect Fit to stand out from the crowd.

While I was designing Perfect Fit it was during fashion week. I drew a lot of inspiration from fashion-week to embrace modern design and to try new things. So I deep dived into ux trends and found  Neomorphism design. Neomorphism looked fresh and clean.  A simplified design trend that I felt could suit Perfect Fit. I kept the neumorphism design to a minimal and tested it out with some testers. I did some AB testing with three testers presenting them a flat design and a neomorphic design. 90% of the testers enjoyed the neomorphic design more than the flat design. 

After selecting the design style I move on to color I tested between two colors. One being green and the other one being blue. 65% of the testers selected the green color suggesting that it looked fresh where by the blue looked too clinical.

Color green 

When I did my testing to pick a color 65% of the users selected green where as 35% selected blue.

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 3.38.20 PM.png
Neomorphism design

I tested a flat design vs. a neumorphic design 90% loved the neumorphic design and felt that it and a fresh look to it.

Key features.

For a second device I started to design for desktop

1. Browsing through you favorite retailers

Shopping Laptop.png

Customers are able to log onto Perfect Fit and browse through all of their favourite stores at once. Customers are able to filter through clothing styles and brands. They are able to find what they are looking for in a few minutes.

2. Selecting your favorite retailers

On Perfect Fit customers are able to search through the application and select their favourite retailers. The customer will be able to edit their selection at anytime. Everytime the customer logs onto the application only their selected retailers will showcase their clothes.

3. Receive a recommended size

On Perfect Fit customers can insert information in a very easy five step size guide. This can help the application give the customer a recommendation on what size to purchase. The size guide analyzes different guides and collects data from purchase mades by people who entered similar information as you. 


3. Receive a recommended size

Reflections and next steps.

What I have learned

Through the process of creating Perfect Fit I have learned the importance of research and to find data that validates your choices. I have learned that validating your choices is very important so test early and test often. Lastly be curious and ask questions ask anyone to critique your work because other people can have the perfect idea to elevate your product.

My challenges

Throughout my project I had so big and small challenges and I would like to reflect on some challenges and how I overcame the obstacle. My number one challenge was deciding on how to design/brand Perfect Fit. I could not decide on a color or design style. It set my back a bit. I decided to do a lot of research and take the chance on the neomorphism design. To my gain it was a great success I conduct some AB testing as well as asked for critiques constantly to see response.

Second big challenge was animation. This is a design element I was completely new at. Learning animations in a short amount of time is very daunting. I spent hour on youtube and skillshare to learn all of the auto-animations on Adobe XD to help elevate my prototype.

Next steps

For the next steps of Perfect Fit I want to focus on building out a proper desktop version of the native application.

I also want to do more AB testing on the design and have a web-developer analyze it to tell me what the constraints would be on developing a neomorphism design.