Designed for web application

48 hour remote design challenge

Applications used: Adobe XD

Problem Space

A restaurant wants a self ordering app. They will be using this tablet app to allow their guests to order without taking time from a cashier.

Secondary Research


“The efficiency of being able to book an appointment with your physician online, from your desk, or to do an email exchange, or refill your drug and have it available at a local pharmacy, there are tools that enable that can and should be encouraged by the employer. It drives massive productivity, wellness and happiness,” 

says Wattling

How might we?

How might we help customers to order a meal in an easy and sufficient way so that the staff will not feel overwhelmed during peak hours.




Task Flow Sketches

Patients can open a web link and book an online meeting with doctors. Users have the option to see the availability for different doctors on the same page.

Open link within a web browser

I made the assumption that David has completed his onboarding process and is ready to use the web application

After signing in David is directly taken to his profile where he can view appointments, prescriptions and account information

David is ready to book an appointment and is taken to the 5 step guide. Nr. 1 being selecting a type of appointment ranging form; video, phone-call to in person appointment

Secondly David needs to choose if the appointment would be for him or someone else

Thirdly David will now select his type of practitioner, symptoms, date, time and finally the Doctor he likes best

Forth, David will confirm his appointment with the correct provided information

Fitfh, David will provide any payment information

 Lastly, David is able to view his appointment and reschedule it at anytime

Gray Scale Wire Frame and Ideation

Too small

Need to add in “Remember me”

Too small

Need to add in “Remember me”

High Definition Wire Frame

Key Learnings

1.Test early test often


2. Plan out beforehand how you will proceed with your project especially when you are under a time constraint

3. Never stop doing secondary research

Next Steps

  1. I would like to look and explore the receiving end of the practitioners. How they would receive the appointments.


  1. I would also like to explore how they would be notified and prepare for the meeting beforehand


  1. I would also like to explore the onboarding section within the application